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  Advanced developing consultancy on SharePoint
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17240 Llagostera (Girona)
Sharepoint is becoming the ideal server application to create websites of information, collaboration, administration, implementation of enterprise processes, etc. Offers a very easy way to begin, but there is no moderately complex development that hasn't enormously problems and difficulties to solve, even causing delays with the most pessimistic forecast. Sistema10 has helped to solve many of those problems, difficulties, errors or deficiencies, helping to the development equipment to refloat apparently unsalvable situations.

Most of projects of Sharepoint require many hours of development based only on the use of assistants or assemblers and relegating the necessity of advanced development to practically unthinkable minimums, but as well, requiring of very lifted knowledge of the application when a problem or deficiency appears. In most of development teams and projects, this situation doesn't justify the full time hiring of a specialized technician and here it is where Sistema10 takes part.

We have specialized in the temporary, precise and specific aid to development teams, providing to them a very valuable resource at the time of looking for solutions, at the necessary moment. Also we can offer personalized and oriented formation to the concrete project that is due to develop. We can offer from precise technical consultancy under demand to the temporary incorporation of experts to teams and projects already started.
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