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  Tired to only descry the solution?
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  Advanced developing consultancy on SharePoint
  Attendance outpost + Specialized support + Customized formation + Direction
info@sistema10.com - 649 749 449
Trav. Sant Feliu, 45
17240 Llagostera (Girona)
What we offer?
Temporary incorporation to development teams
In order to be able to attend in-situ, confronting the problems on the effective way, when there are work ends or to initiate with greater rapidity a project.
Because not all the problems can be solved by telephone, and much less by email…

Attendance to the search of solutions
For much more precise needs without requiring working in-situ. So that a concrete problem doesn't perpetuate the development.
Because, yes, many of that can be solved by telephone or email, if there's somebody expert and professional on the other side.

Formation to size or on demand
Because the organized courses are not used to covering indeed what it is really needed.
For when the development teams need a formation in a specific and/or critical subject for the project.

Direction and anticipation
In order to choose the best way and anticipating better the consequences or future collateral effects of a decision.
You know, all the ways lead to Rome, but you can take the highway or the tourist route.
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