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  Advanced developing consultancy on SharePoint
  Attendance outpost + Specialized support + Customized formation + Direction
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Trav. Sant Feliu, 45
17240 Llagostera (Girona)
Our specialty
Sharepoint is designed to realise applications to size. Although it has mechanisms to realise updates and maintenance, is very simple and inadequate or often insufficient tools.

In Sistema10 we have specialized in these little common aspects of SharePoint and is with that and so we were different ourselves from the rest of consulting companies.

We loan services of consultancy to the development and especially:

WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services)
Because if it works in WSS it will also work in MOSS.
Because if you already has the operating system, WSS is free.

Creation of standard, updatable, personalizeable and maintainable software
Because the easy thing is to do one… but it becomes complicated when that one must be installed on several customers, being able to personalize it to their needs but maintaining the facility of update and maintenance.

Automatization of the development
SharePoint has a pile of assistants, but when you salt of them it is very easy to commit errors, and in addition to commit them time and time again repeating the same steps to generate almost the same code. Automating the development processes for the creation of adapted software with the same facility as when it's generated using the out of the box assistants.

Systematizing the creation process you develop software with less people with advanced technic profiles, and in addition the result is homogenous and trustworthy.

Outpost formation, specific and customized
Because introductory formation is much and easy to obtain, the one that is really useful and necessary is that one that concentrates in the concrete aspects that will be of utility for your project.
maintainable and updatable
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