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Some examples (2)
These are some examples of problems that we have helped to solve or to create:

Sub-lists and/or automatic 1:N relations
To present/display automatically the linked lists.
With specific filters, scroll independent, fixed header and footer, with deail link, automatic edition and new form, custom controls and fields, data refreshing.
Real or logical/calculated lists o (i.e. list of the users that are included in a multiple user field where groups are choosen, related with the list of messages that has been sent to them, the state of their tasks, etc.)

Automatic N:M relations
To improve the relations between several lists, with selectors, option to see the detail, edition or new form.
Specific filer, data format, etc.

Advanced filtering and cross tables
Because everything is not based on a header and lines. Even the content of an element can designate if a relation must to one or another list, with one level or with more. The data can be crossed with one or other list, to totalize itself or to be transformed before know on wich list must be linked.
relations and filters
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